How does therapy begin?

Our work will start with 2 to 3 collaborative consultations to assess where you are at in your life, how you got to this place and what goals can be established for realistic change. At the end of the consultation phase, I will review with you our mutually agreed upon conceptualization of your suffering and outline the various options of addressing your concerns. These may include recommendations for individual, couple, family or group psychotherapy, medication management, and/or other adjunctive treatments. You will have an opportunity to assess how comfortable you feel talking with me and whether or not you would like to continue your journey with my collaboration, or if you would like to seek out another opinion and therapist. You may also decide the time is not right for you to embark on this type of healing journey at the present.

How often will my appointments be and how long will my treatment last?

Frequency of meetings and duration of treatment are established based upon your own unique concerns and desires, along with my professional knowledge of what is needed to reach the goals we agree upon in the consultation phase of our work.

How Long Are Sessions?

Individual sessions are 45 – 50 minutes in length.  Couples and Family sessions are 60 minutes.

What does a session cost?  Do you accept Insurance?

Fees are established during our first meeting.  Currently, I am a provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield (PPO), and Medicare. If you have other insurance that provides out of network benefits, I will provide you with a form that can be submitted to your carrier for reimbursement.